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⇨ Increase budget allocations to social services and community organizations

⇨ Mental health first responders and other alternatives to policing

⇨ Strong safeguards against corporations polluting our city

⇨ Accessible healthcare 

Our children deserve to live free from fear of any type of violence and to grow up in a healthy environment with accessible services and programs. Communities have a right to reimagine public safety and push back on institutions that cause harm. Police are not an appropriate response to many emergencies in our communities, so we need services and first responders that fit our community's needs.


Our communities need robust and full-funded services created by and for Knoxvillians. Essential programs and services include but are not limited to: youth engagement and mentoring, mental health and addiction recovery, job training and placement, access to low-cost legal representation, homeless services, mediation and restorative justice processes; and city support for other nonprofit and community organizations.

Everyone in Knoxville has a right to the physical and mental healthcare they need to thrive. Furthermore, all Knoxvillians deserve to live in a city that works to build hospitals and healthcare facilities, not close them.

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