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⇨ Increased funding to affordable housing in the city’s budget

⇨ Establishing community land trusts and housing cooperatives

⇨ The adoption of a Homeless Bill of Rights


All Knoxvillians deserve safe and affordable housing. However, housing costs are on the rise, and stable housing is in short supply in our community. As such, affordable housing must become a priority in the city’s budget. Our communities deserve a city that prioritizes affordable housing over other pet projects, such as the new police headquarters. The city allocated only $2.5 million to the affordable housing fund, while appropriating $40 million for the police and fire headquarters. David will work to set the city’s priorities straight and make sure that all Knoxvillians have a safe place to live.

No one should be pushed out of housing and everyone has the right to services and programs to assist them in times of need. Houseless Knoxvillians have a right to city services and programs, the Homeless Bill of Rights. Moreover, houseless neighborhoods deserve to live in a city without being constantly targeted by police.

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